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The Crane

Besides being a useful piece of equipment, the crane offered hours of amusement. Mark gets a grip while Lorene checks out the set. Jack searches for alien life forms on his homemade "Ali-scope" (we tried to tell him it wouldn't work, but he wouldn't listen.)

Eve and Cigarette

Eve takes a break and helps out by holding up the fence at the same time.

Ellen and Andrea

Ellen and Andrea take note of decorating ideas as they finish up the chores they were given as "indentured servants".

Eve and Kari

The stars take a break to pose.


Plume expresses her pleasure at being photographed while Eve prepares for her spitting scene.


Jariya rocks the empty Lucy Florence Coffeehouse.

Eve and Lorene

Eve laughs at Lorene's inability to stay in focus.

Kari and Eve

Kari comes to Eve's aid in the fence-holding effort.

Coffeehouse Scene

Eve and Kari marvel at Jack's amazing "Ali-scope".

Coffeehouse Eve

Eve reads lines written around the ring of her coffee cup.

The Future's So Bright

Eve surveys the landscape looking for other endangered fences.

Awaiting the Line

Kirk and Lorene corner Kari and Eve with scary appendage-growing equipment.

Colors R Us

Eve models her comic-strip pjs during her "depression" scene.


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