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"Starcrossed" examines a lesbian liaison between two writers, one who fakes being as astrology columnist, the other deep into the business of believing horoscopes.  The movie looms as a cult favorite-to-be."

-- Honolulu Advertiser

by Nancy Legato

THIS BATCH of women's shorts includes not only a bunch of happy endings but some amusing ways to get there. For example, Lorene Machado's Starcrossed presents Sophie (Eve Buigues), an amiable yet curmudgeonly journalist who decides it's time to toss her cynicism to the wind in order to pursue the lovely Ginger (Kari Camelio). To do so, however, she'll need to convince her astrologically obsessed love interest to ignore the fact that their signs are incompatible. Fortunately, Sophie gets the perfect opportunity to change Ginger's mind, via her alter ego Madame Star. Of course this scheme could backfire, in any number of ways, but the fun's all in the risk, isn't it?

-- Metro Weekly, Washington, DC

© 2003 Lorene Machado